Jonathan Choi

Born and raised in Virginia, I am a graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor's of Science in Public Health. Having worked in a variety of fields, from butcher's assistant to specimen management technician, I am now pursuing a career in web development. Having always had a passion for building plastic model kits as a child and as an adult, web design was a perfect fit for my tendencies of fiddling and fitting various pieces together. After hearing about the GWU Bootcamp from a coworker, I decided to take the leap of faith. Having completed the first week of classes, I am really enjoying the program and really proud the progress that I have been making having had no prior experience with web development other than very fleeting lessons throughout gradeschool.

The correlation between web design and my hobbies has been eye opening. I have always had an interest in computers, but my interest had been surface level in regard to the topic of web-surfing and computer games. My father has always been technologically savy and wished to impart onto me the knowledge of building a computer. I built my current desktop as a freshman in college and have been upgrading it incrementally throughout the years. As a child I have always enjoyed fiddling with Legos, plastic model kits, and sculpting. Web design takes these interests of mine and gives me the freedom to create from start to finish in a way that I find very engaging and satisfying. As a fledgling web developer, I hope to gain all the experience and absorb all the information within the GWU Bootcamp and becoming both competant and proactive in learning and developing. Thank you for visiting my web page.